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So Apéro! Skewers paddle

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So Apéro! Skewers paddle
  • So Apéro! Skewers paddle
  • So Apéro! Skewers paddle

Skewers for the aperitif!

Meat or sausage kebabs, fish skewers, or fruit skewers, you will succeed all your aperitifs and barbecues with the So Apéro! Skewers paddle! Ingenious and practical, really attractive on your table, this paddle includes a beech stand and a removable stainless steel stand (strong magnet-connection). It’s delivered with an assortment of 5 stainless steel skewers (OFFERED) and also a stainless steel ramekin for the sauce (OFFERED).

The So Apéro! Skewers paddle is manufactured in France with untreated, non-stained beech wood. As wood is a living material, the Paddle’s natural appearance may differ considerably based on the consignments of wood used. Over time, it will take on a sublime natural patina that does not alter its performance in any way.

Product benefits :

  • Original product
  • User-friendly
  • Manufactured in France
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