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Limited edition Guillotine with french flag

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Limited edition Guillotine with french flag logo So Apéro !

The sausage guillotine in a limited edition with french flag

For the 2018 Made in France fair, So Apéro made a limited edition of the french guillotine with the french flag ! Enjoy it before its gone !

Forget about the knife and the cutting board. The French Guillotine is always on-hand andready-to-use. This ever-so-easy, fast slicer will amaze your friends and make your aperitifs the‘talk of the town’.

The Guillotine slicer is crafted in untreated,non-stained solid wood and fully complies with food product standards inbacteriological as well as taste terms.

As wood isa living material, the Guillotine’s natural appearance may differ considerably based on the consignments of wood used. Over time, it will take on a sublime natural patina that does not alter its performance in any way.


Product benefits:

  • Unique product
  • High-performance (thick/fine slicing)
  • Convivial
  • 100% Made-in-France
 Direct manufacturer

Download the instructions use

Important: the French Guillotine is an extremely sharp tool; it is illegal to sell it to minors.

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