Vous ne couperez plus jamais le saucisson comme avant !


Although the blade was specially designed for slicing sausages, the Guillotine slicer can be used to slice any food product with a diameter up to 6 cm. Perfect in any kitchen and always close at hand.


Your sausage slicer is always on-hand and ready-to-use for cocktail time, meal time, snack time... It is much more efficient and faster than a traditional knife and slices as fine or as thick as you want. Try it out on sausages containing hazelnuts to see just how precise its slicing is. Enjoy !

Une nouvelle façon de couper le saucisson


The Guillotine’s micro-toothed blade is also perfect for slicing a great variety of vegetables in circle shapes: cucumbers, onions, shallots, turnips, baby potatoes, carrots, and many more. Always within easy reach, your slicer is sure to become your must-have kitchen companion.

Parfaite pour les oignonsFacile les pommes de terre !



Truffle lovers will enjoy the Guillotine’s high performance when slicing truffles in ever-so fine circular shapes for garnishing dishes or for the pure pleasure of savouring it plain on a slice of bread with a sprinkle of rock salt.

The Guillotine is also marvellous for cutting thin slices of baguette or bread sticks. A fast, precise solution for slicing mini toasts for cocktail time using authentic traditional bread. Foie gras, salmon, sausages, whatever your pleasure !